Smack RITW

Smack Innovations 
My Interactive 1 project focused on designing an iOS app and website for a real-world client I was consulting for—Smack Innovations—for whom I had already designed branding/identity. The company’s flagship product, RITW ("Re-Inventing the Wheel"), is an interactive musical cover that attaches to a car steering wheel and connects to the car's speakers via a mobile application—essentially RITW turns a steering wheel into a drum set. I designed the iOS app and created all of the assets for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4, working directly with the backend developers as they implemented the graphical elements. I also redesigned the website to make it serve as a marketing tool to boost preorders prior to product launch.
iPhone Application
Animated Splash Screen Concept
Original Javascript (Adobe Edge) Version: Click Here
iPhone 5 Screens
Interactive iPhone Prototype: Click Here
iPhone 5 App Specs
Interactive Website Prototype: Click Here
Website Wireframe
Interactive Wireframe: Click Here
Alternative Website Design
Alternative Website Design Prototype: Click Here
Initial Sketches & Alternate Ideas
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